Deathrun is a platformer based minigame with 2 teams, Runners or Deathmasters. If you chose to be a Deathmaster You will need to trigger the many traps to try to kill as many runners as possible, if you chose to be a Runner you need to avoid the traps and parkour to safety.

Trampoline Park

Trampoline Park is a place to hang out with your friends. You can practice your fighting skills, play in the foam pit, or play on the trampolines!


Pvp is an arena where you and other players can battle to the death to see who is the Pvp champion! you can upgrade your armor, play with friends or even play in Pro Pvp With a whole new map and hard to beat players.


Parkour is a very intense series of jumps, and if you fall you have to restart it all! In our Parkour coarse we have different levels of jumps including ladder jumps, slime block jumps, and even glass pane jumps!

Hide and Seek

Hide And Seek is a map with tiny crevasses to hide in. You can be a Hider or a Seeker, The job of a Hider is to hide as fast as possible and not get caught by the Seeker. The job of the Seeker is to fing the Hiders and kill them with your diamond sword!

Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery is a team based game with 3 teams, you can be murderer, detective, or innocent. If you are murderer your job is to kill the innocents without the detective finding out. if you are the detective you need to find the murderer and kill them with your bow and arrow. If you are innocent then you need to try to hide from the murderer and not get killed.

Extreme Parkour

Extreme Parkour is like Normal Parkour but even harder! Extreme Parkour has many rage inducing jumps that only the best players can do!

Mining Time

Mining Time is a mining minigame. Mine the iron around the map and give it the Jerry the miner and he will give you Xp. The iron randomly respawns so make sure to look all around the map!

Lucky Levels

Test your luck today at Lucky Level, You have a chance of tripling your levels!

Break Battle

Try to break the house as quick as possible before the timer runs out! You get a diamond pickaxe and a diamond axe.